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My experience exceeded what I expected, I went in to have two new tires installed one tire had a leak and I planned to replace both rear tires. After tires were inspected the one had to be replace because of placement of the nail. Informed tires had not exceeded the tread life, therefore only one tire was needed. THAT WAS GREAT!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , May 2, 2017
Happy to say, All my experiences with George Oren Tire have always been amazing. So far I've been there two different occasions, and I honestly say they care for your car as well as the people. They're a trusty staff and gets the job done in a timely fashion! ( FAST, but accurate) I most definitely recommend George Oren Tire specialist as a tire care provider.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 30, 2017
Honest, affordable, super nice and fast.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 7, 2017
I'm giving. George a 10 I thank George Oren for the great service I'v received over the years. Yhank you
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 5, 2017
Doug, Michelle & crew were incredibly helpful on what could have been a very stressful day. Thanks!
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 31, 2017
Doug and mechanic provided good customer service. Had 2 new tires installed with balance, rotation, alignment, and brake check. It took about an hour to do work. Doug went an checked on my vehicle every 20 minutes or so. Cost was very reasonable compared to dealership and other tire places. Your service is better than Costco. If I bought my tires at Costco, an yes I would have saved about $9.00, I would have to wait 2-3 hours to have them installed.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 18, 2017
The staff is great! Andy always greets you with a friendly welcome. He always goes the extra mile to help. Larry works on my car most of the time does an excellent work and is very friendly. This one of the many reason why I bring all of my vehicles to George Oren Tire specialist, Inc.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 15, 2017
Folks at George Oren have been fabulous for 26 years!!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 10, 2017
Very pleasant while at the same time very professional. The office manager Michelle and the technician (Mike?) were both knowledgeable and friendly. From what I could tell, they both wanted to make sure that I was comfortable dealing with them especially since they both explained/showed me that instead of just getting a tire repair (on one tire that got flat from my running over a pothole two nights earlier) that I really needed to get three new tires to go along with the one good tire that was still on my car.
Then Michelle/Mike also explained how the tires that I was getting from them are covered under a very generous tire guarantee and they reminded me that to extend the life of these tires, I should have them rotated every 5K miles in which case they offer free tire rotation as long as we call for an appointment in advance of when we want to bring the car to them for this service.
All in all, I am super glad that I came to George Oren Tire in Oakland once I got a flat tire from driving over a pothole on nearby Park Blvd. As a result, I plan to be one of their regular customers from now on :)
Steve Wong
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 27, 2017
I needed a couple of tires and I needed them quick. The Oakland store is the closest one to my home but because it was closed I arranged with Doug to go to the San Leandro store, and he made sure the tires I needed would be there (with less than 24 hours notice). I arrived at the arranged time and was in and out as quickly as possible.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 12, 2017
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 11, 2017
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 9, 2017
Great service!!! I'll definitely come back when any of my cars need tires or other services they offer.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 5, 2017
They were fast, friendly, courteous and efficient. I am a permanent customer from now on. I would recommend them to all my friends.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 2, 2017
An excellent experience, the service was professional and friendly, with great advice on tire options.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 25, 2017
Well done. Reasonable price
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 25, 2017
Fast service and better prices than competitors.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 26, 2016
The staff and crew at Oren are very good.
Roger, the lead mechanic and the one who performed the work on my vehicle (complex front end work) was extremely knowledgeable and did excellent work. I am a journeyman tradesman (30 years as an electrician) and have a very good idea of what makes a good technician/skilled trade worker, and Roger was top flight all the way. Also - the price of my new tires and the front end work was competitive.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 26, 2016
The staff has always been and still is friendly, courteous, and considerate. Their prices are about the same as Costco's but with a lot less time spent waiting.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 15, 2016
I went for 2 new tires , had no Appointment and had great service. I was in and out in 15 minutes.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 13, 2016
Great service. Friendly. Quality. The receptionist went over warranty thoroughly. Very helpful . Doug was also helpful and knowledgeable regarding my tires and what was needed. Quick service. Prices very reasonible and competitive.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 12, 2016
Helpful and fast service
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 6, 2016
Great service for all three of my cars
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 1, 2016
I really like this shop, we had a bit of confusion about Roadside hazard warranties but they're a good shop and good people. I don't regret having done business with them.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 30, 2016
The people there are kind and I felt as if I was getting the best service for my car here than any of the local competitors
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 21, 2016
Fast and friendly service without an appointment. Competitive prices to boot! Would recommend to anyone in need of a tire.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 15, 2016
Great service. Super friendly and knowledgable. Got me a very good price on 4 tires. State of the art alignment equipment and informed tire diagnostics.
I'LL BE BACK as the old governor once said!
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 13, 2016
bam bam bam it was done professionally from the first contact by phone to the handing me my keys back for the fresh footed mini- cooper I ride within an hour.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 10, 2016
It was my first time to come here, refered by my brother.
Good customer service and they were able to accomodate my car for 4 tire replacement and done in like an hour.
Definitely coming back!!!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 7, 2016
I have been a customer for over 40 years. I would not go anywhere else!
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 5, 2016
Service at George Oren is always prompt and friendly. We have been buying our tires and having our brake work done there for more than 30 years. Price and location are perfect.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 3, 2016
Danny and Roger are helpful, kind, willing to go the extra mile and I am so thankful for the many times I have needed help and they were always willing to help. From tires to oil changes, I highly recommend George Oren Tire.
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 2, 2016
I had a wonderful experience. I needed all 4 tires replaced and was looking for this to be done at a reasonable price. Doug was very responsive and the quoted price was hundreds of dollars lower than another site, The service was done quickly and everyone was very courteous. Thank you for a job well done!
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 2, 2016
The crew was great. Got me an excellent price on 4 new tires for my CVPI. Spent the time to accurarely align. Very pleased.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 30, 2016
I was treated like family. It was my most pleasant experience with your co. The team was cordial and polite.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 26, 2016
As every other time I have come to George Oren for tires their service has been efficient and properly completed within the time stated by them.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 25, 2016
EXCELLENT customer service from Doug and the receptionist at your Oakland location!
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 24, 2016
I got in right away and was out the door in no time. They set me up with new tires within my price range with no pushy sales people. Just good guys. I will definitely go back.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 21, 2016
I love this place. Great staff with great prices. I'll be back soon. Danny, Doug, and their team have been amazing on every visit, and I will continue to go back whenever I need maintenance--especially anything tire or suspension related. I've lived in Oakland for over 10 years now and I wish I had found this place before last year.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 20, 2016
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 14, 2016
I was happy with the fast service. And it was friendly.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 11, 2016
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 9, 2016
The staff was very courteous and helpful. The mechanic was honest about his assessment. That's why I'll come back again. Thanks.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 28, 2016
quick, smooth ,and pleasant. I like the personnel, they always make my visit comfortable. Thank You.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 13, 2016
They were very helpful, friendly, fast, and affordable!
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 12, 2016
I am always pleased with the service. Danny helped me replace my tires when I had a very tight time schedule and one service technician found a noisy loose bolt left untouched when purchased from the car lot. Highly recommended location.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Oakland, California), April 4, 2016
Didn't solve my problem told me to start with rotors.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 30, 2016
Most of my visits to the shop have been very satisfying in the past. I am sorry to say the last time was not as good. When I first talked to them about getting my rear rotors and pads remove and replaced I was given a quote of $110. When I went to have it done I was charged $130. I also asked to have my tires rotated at the same time. Upon leaving I noticed this was not done and had to ask them to do it then. Not their best day, I still will go back but will make sure we both agree on everything before we start any work.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 24, 2016
Came in with a tire replacement need, and before I finished the magazine article I brought to read, the tire was mounted and fixed on the car, along with rotating the tires. Good work.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 19, 2016
Very pleased with my recent visit to George Oren's San Leandro location. I reached out a couple of weeks ago to get a quote on 4 new tires and within a day Doug, the owner, reached out via email and phone to find out more information about my vehicle. Once I was able to compare a couple of prices, I scheduled an appointment for this past Saturday. Within 1 hour my car was ready for pick up. Would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for tires.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 14, 2016
I have been a customer since the late 1980s. When I bring my car to George Oren for something as small as patching a flat tire, to getting new brakes, I am always happy with the results. I am reminded of the neighborhood businesses that I grew up with, which always did excellent work and gave great service. I especially enjoy the friendly, down to earth atmosphere. I have no reason to go anywhere else.
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 5, 2016
Hi! I have been going to George Oren for about 30 years or so. I have always had excellent reliable service. That is why I have kept coming back.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 24, 2016
Quick courteous service, reasonable prices and converted door to door shuttle.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 23, 2016
This place has always been consistent in customer service and good work. Just had 4 new tires put on and it was easy to get a straight (and reasonable) quote, get the work done quickly, and get friendly service. I have recommended this place a few times.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 15, 2016
They saved the day for me... I have an old van , 1985 dodge ram, that had a flat tire. I had an upcoming doctor appt. and needed my van to be working. They were able to order the older model tires that I needed and fit me in the next day (a Saturday) to install them (2 tires) Everyone was very helpful and nice. I trust them now and they will be my go to place for tires etc. I will recommend them to everyone I know.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 14, 2016
Great service and very knowledgable
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 4, 2016
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 3, 2016
Friendly, fast service. I will recommend George Oren to everyone.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 31, 2016
Office staff was very helpful, but the mechanic was a little off his game.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 19, 2016
The men were very polite and very efficient and they remembered me from my last visit..
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 14, 2016
Fair, fast, accurate, and knowledgable.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 2, 2016
Nice folks, great service and very fast, best price for tires. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 11, 2015
My experience was outstanding!! The prices are competitive and the staff was very friendly. As soon as you walk through the door, it's clear and evident, customer service is their top priority.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 5, 2015
I had a last-minute, somewhat urgent need and Doug took care of me immediately with a great attitude. He ordered the tire from the warehouse and had it installed on my car in a matter of hours. And it was cheaper than the other two shops I called! George Oren has just earned a new repeat customer.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 3, 2015
I have been using George Oren for my vehicles for more that 30 years. They have always provided quality products and services.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 30, 2015
Very helpful and friendly staff, well organized and efficient. Saturday hours a big plus.
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 22, 2015
I'm happy that my special order arrived within 24 hrs, and that installation was quick and easy. Thanks folks!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 7, 2015
Great place for tires, good treatment and close to home!
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 6, 2015
Been going to George Oren for years. My dad had a relationship with the folks in the Oakland store, and since we live in San Leandro decided to start coming here for our family's tire needs. Highly recommend!
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 4, 2015
Great tire shop!. Pricing is competitive, made an appointment for 4 tires and 4 wheel alignment and was in and out in under 1.5 hours. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service too.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 4, 2015
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 4, 2015
All good! Thx! Fast service nice and welcoming from the time you pull in for help. Thx again!
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 25, 2015
On time and good price
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 17, 2015
The whole staff and crew preformed as asked with attention to detail and on time! I'm very happy with the value as well that Doug gave me on the set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports that I purchased from George Oren's Tire service.
Thanks again, You've gained a new faithful customer!
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 9, 2015
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 2, 2015
I had one bad tire. Sales person was very helpful in trying to find a tire that would match the other 3, but also advised me that life of the remaining tires was limited, so we finally decided to buy 2 new tires at this time. Mounting the new tires was very quick and efficient.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 10, 2015
I came in thinking I needed one or possibly two new tires after the dealership said they couldn't be patched. They could have easily sold me new tires without me knowing anything different, but were able to patch my tire and send me on my way for a mere $20!
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 7, 2015
I 'got the best service ever. The speed of service was was incredible. You have won a new good customer.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 26, 2015
Love George oren always have time for me even if I forget to make an appointment !
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 25, 2015
Very friendly people work here, and very professional.
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 8, 2015
Really fast service. The girl in the front office was wonderfully friendly, energetic and helpful. Will definitely return as usual.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 25, 2015
Been going to this shop for the last 8 years and they have always done a great job. Excellent service and really nice guys, ready to help get you back on the road ASAP.
Highly recommend this place!
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 8, 2015
Excellent place to go and have your tires checked or changed. They turkey care about your experience there. I always feel welcome. Please consider them as your only choice.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 24, 2015
Great service meticulous work.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 24, 2015
Doug Anderson was great to deal with. Quoted price was kept, my appointment time was set, he had two employees assigned to replacing 6 motorhome tires on my vehicle in the time he said it would take.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 21, 2015
The service here is always swift, reliable, and enjoyable. The staff all have a great sense of humor and work very hard to provide a positive experience. I highly recommend this place!
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 20, 2015
I have been buying my new tires at George Oren in San Leandro for more than 30 ears and have always received fine service and a quality product.
Recommended? Yes |  by , April 16, 2015
Professional as usual and on time, I don't think I revpcevied my online discount though
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 25, 2015
I find all of the people who work there very friendly and do a great job looking after my tires. I made an appt. and didn't have a long wait. Your in good hands with George Oren.
Recommended? Yes |  by , February 2, 2015
First experience at San Leandro after about 13 years at Oakland George Oren. Thrilled they could help with slashed tire on RV and do oil change on it. Sold me two new front tires I needed at good price. Didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. Just the excellent knowledgeable down home friendly reliable service I'm used to at GEorge Oren. Thank you :) Angela great new addition!!
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 31, 2015
Customer service needs to be better
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 23, 2015
Everybody was polite and prompt. I always try to do my tire business with George Oren Tire.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 20, 2015
Been coming here for years, always outstanding service.
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 10, 2015
good service
Recommended? Yes |  by , January 5, 2015
It is great to have a tire & front end company I can count on.
Rick Kislingbury
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 19, 2014
Fast and reliable
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 24, 2014
Very good service... A+
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 14, 2014
Great customer service
Recommended? Yes |  by , November 7, 2014
Everything was great! Fast quick and ready while I waited!
Only reason not 5 stars is my computer stated that the TMP needed to be reset and tire pressure! Just a small error just annoying when it pops up on car! BMW too care of it yesterday!
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 24, 2014
I enjoyed a pleasant, convenient experience when purchasing 4 tires from George Oren Tire Specialists. A friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 24, 2014
I have been going to the San Leandro store since 1985 even when I lived in San Jose. It was worth the drive and the guys are always friendly. I have only visited the Oakland store twice, the service was just as good but I don't like the neighborhood.
Richard Tolentino
Recommended? Yes |  by , October 13, 2014
Called and even though they had many cars for three day weekend they fit me ingot the schedule, and were very polite and fair! Thanks a Million
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 5, 2014
Good job, Guys

Keep up the good work
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 1, 2014
great friendly service, a place that cares
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 30, 2014
I've been going to GO for years, nobody else touches my tires :-), but this last time I felt a little rushed. Even though it was early morning and not much activity.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 8, 2014
Professional and friendly staff. Roger in particular was great! He did a superior job while being direct and honest! I'll be back and I've already told friends about your business. Thanks, Lance Spalding
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 2, 2014
Stopped in to have a tire patched. Turned out that I had two leaky tires. Service was quick, professional and reasonably priced. When I need new tires, this will be my go to spot
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 30, 2014
I love this place. Not only do they support the uncommon tires I use, they even have them in stock. They are efficient, they do great work, and they charge a fair price. I couldn't ask for a better deal!
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 25, 2014
Wonderful Service
That is why I'm back
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 18, 2014
Excellent service, superior products, quick turnaround too.
And, Michelle rocks!
Recommended? Yes |  by , July 11, 2014
Very good customer service and good prices
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 28, 2014
I was just saying to my sister that I hav't herd from y'all can u give me a price on ur front wheel inline meant. Cost thank sheila
Recommended? Yes |  by , March 21, 2014
thanks for your service in pass years and the future.
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 7, 2013
Wonderful service. Skilled techs.
Recommended? Yes |  by , June 28, 2013
The staff was very helpful and did excellent work on my car.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 14, 2012
it was worth it. nice people, didnt take that long and price was GREAT
Recommended? Yes |  by , September 1, 2012